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Update News, 2007-2009

July 21, 2009
27 fanfics and parts of fics posted:

     Sticking With What Works, a B:tVS/Dresden Files drabble
     Walking Catalyst, a Eureka episode tag for # 3.09

     Field Trip to Isla Sorna, a B:tVS/Jurassic Park III gift-fic
     Handle With Care, a B:tVS/Dresden Files gift-fic
     More Jean Grey, Less Wolverine, a B:tVS/SG-1 gift-fic
     The Princess and the Pizza, a B:tVS/Tin Man gift-fic

     Just Passing Through, a CSI/Die Hard gift-fic
     The Path of the Righteous Man, a Boondock Saints/Die Hard gift-fic

     Horseshoe Nail, an AU Push fic
     What Matters Most, an AU Dresden Files story (contains slash)
     Work in Progress, a Constantine gift-fic

     Grave Survivors (B:tVS/CSI series) updated with:
          5: A Non-Issue

     Temporal Malfuctions (B:tVS/Star Trek series) concluded with:
          7: A Possessive Species

     So Called Chaos (Star Trek XI series) updated with:
          1: No Compromises
          2a: The Press of Duty
          2b: Pressing the Point
          2c: Pressing Sail
          2d: Relieving Pressure
          3: But Not Jim Kirk
          4: The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
          5: Just Doing Her Job
          6: Giving Her All They've Got
          7: Throwing Down the Gauntlet
          8: A Most Dismissive Manner
          9: A Change of Perspective
          10: What Must Never Be

February 11, 2009
16 fanfics and parts of fics posted:

     Totally Her Turn, a B:tVS/Ice Princess challenge ficlet (follows Model Girl)
     A Study in Contrasts, a B:tVS/SG-1 gift-fic
     Hang In There, Slayer, a B:tVS/Terminator: tSCC gift-fic
     Witty Jack, a B:tVS/PotC gift-fic (follows Daughters of Charon)

     Crossing the Finish Line, a Death Race fic (contains slash)
     Not-So-Mutinous Insurrection, a DOOM gift-fic (contains slash)
     Right Where to Find You, a National Treasure gift-fic
     That Which Remains, a Sanctuary fic

     Ulterior Motives, a Eureka episode tag for # 3.03
     Not Like This, a Eureka episode tag for # 3.04
     Stages of Recovery, a Eureka episode tag for # 3.05
     Woman, Wondering, a Eureka episode tag for # 3.06
     Favoring Fire, a Eureka episode tag for # 3.07
     Coffee For Your Thoughts?, a Eureka episode tag for # 3.08

     Back Again, Harry? (Harry Potter AU) updated with:
          11: Unexpected Revelations

     Book's Legacy (Firefly/B:tVS) updated with:
          11: Finding Answers

August 19, 2008
18 fanfics and parts of fics posted:

     Bittersweet Symphony, a B:tVS/CSI challenge drabble
     Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, an Angel/Clueless challenge drabble
     In Memoriam, an Angel/Firefly challenge drabble
     The Heart That Fed, an Angel/PotC:AWE challenge drabble
     One Mother, in All the World, a B:tVS/T:SCC challenge drabble

     Evidence of Things Unseen, a Stargate Atlantis episode tag
     Mission: Cheer Up My Dad, a Eureka episode tag
     Changing Tactics, a Eureka episode tag

     At Least It Wasn't Zombies, a B:tVS/Eureka ficlet
     A Watcher's Duty, a B:tVS/Die Hard 4 ficlet
     Bigger Worlds, a CSI/SG-1 ficlet
     Evening the Odds, a HP/Stargate Atlantis ficlet

     In Memory of Penny Lesse, an Angel/Dr. Horrible fic
     Love, After, a B:tVS/Mummy:TotDE fic

     Sidle Up and Smile (B:tVS/Firefly series) updated with:
          1: Knocked Down
          5: Paying Respects

     Polaris Wyndham-Price (Angel/Harry Potter series) updated with:
          3: Dangerous Men

     Back Again, Harry? (Harry Potter AU) updated with:
          10: Nevermind the Consequences

March 5, 2008
8 fics or chapters of fics posted:

     Special Delivery, a Dresden Files TV/Stargate SG-1 fic

     Five Crosses Michael Carpenter Never Bore, a Dresden Files bookverse slash fic
     Moving On, an Angel post-finale fic
     Paved With Good Intentions, a Drive fic
     Road to Recovery, a Tin Man fic

     The Man For The Job, a Mummy fic
     Death is Only the Beginning, a Mummy Returns fic

     Back Again, Harry? (Harry Potter AU) updated with:
          9: A Vital Question

November 24, 2007
3 chapters of fics posted:

     Back Again, Harry? (Harry Potter AU) updated with:
          8: Tests and Theories

     Adventures in Rome (B:tVS/Mummy) updated with:
          Chapter Four
          Chapter Five

November 9, 2007
2 chapters of fics posted:

     Back Again, Harry? (Harry Potter AU) updated with:
          6: Tangled Webs
          7: A Pleasant Interlude

October 28, 2007
Links updated: 8 crossover story link/recs posted

October 27, 2007
33 fanfics and parts of fics posted:

     Rookie Mistake, a B:tVS/X-Men challenge drabble
     Something Ventured, Nothing Gained, an Angel/SG-1 challenge drabble
     Sudden Little Sister, a B:tVS/Firefly challenge drabble
     Technological Connections, a B:tVS/SG-1 challenge drabble

     Begetting Violence, a B:tVS/Firefly ficlet
     The Indomitable Picard, a ST:TNG slash ficlet
     A Thing About Duty, a B:tVS/Die Hard 4 ficlet
     Time to Speak, a B:tVS/CSI ficlet
     Watcher-in-Law, a B:tVS/SG-1 ficlet

     In Search of a Guiding Star, an Angel/Harry Potter ficlet
     The New Tutor, a B:tVS/Harry Potter ficlet
     Winner and Still Champion, a B:tVS/Harry Potter ficlet

     Daughters of Charon, a B:tVS/PotC 3 fic
     Hello, My Name Is, a B:tVS/Stargate Atlantis fic
     Refracted Light, a B:tVS/5th Element fic
     Lesson One, Complete, a B:tVS/Nanny McPhee ficlet
     Lessons Relearned, another B:tVS/Nanny McPhee fic

     Retaking the Sky, a Firefly AU fic
     Going to Ground, a Firefly/Stargate Atlantis fic
     Soild to the Touch, an SG-1/Atlantis ficathon fic
     Truths Universally Acknowledged, an SG-1/Pride & Prejudice fic

     Grave Survivors (B:tVS/CSI) updated with:
          4: Closing the Distance

     Ring of the Gods (B:tVS/Stargate SG-1) updated with:
          5: The Power of Two

     Can I Keep You? (B:tVS/Stargate SG-1) updated with:
          3: Crossing Bridges

     Uncle John (B:tVS/Stargate Atlantis) updated with:
          10: Balancing Priorities

     Temporal Malfunctions (B:tVS/Star Trek: TOS) updated with:
          5: Singing to the Man
          6: Making a Difference

     Back Again, Harry? (Harry Potter AU) updated with:
          0: Prologue
          1: Back Again
          2: Checking It Twice
          3: Planning Ahead
          4: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
          5: Balancing Acts

September 23, 2007
Links updated: Fan fiction archive sites

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